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Are you in a dilemma?

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Is there something you can’t quite understand or make sense of?

Then our Email Coffee/Tea Cup Readings are your Answer!

Let our Psychics Unlock your Future so you will never have to worry again.

A Coffee/Tea Cup Reading From Our Psychics Can Provide The Peace Of Mind You Seek!


What is a Coffee/Tea Cup Email Reading?

Quite simply, it’s an easy way for you to get the answers to your questions from an experienced Psychic without having to visit them in person or even calling them!

Coffee Cup Reading/Tea Leaf Readings is based on the art of reading the coffee grounds or tea leaves. This involves the art/practice of predicting/ interpreting the near future of people from the coffee patterns, or tea leaf patterns. Sit down, relax and allow your mind to center on your most important or urgent questions you’d like answers to.

This is an ancient form of divination which originated in Asia, the ancient Greece and also in the Middle East and was for the first time introduced by the Gypsies. Coffee cup reading was started by the Arabs and made its way to the West later on. The term – Tasseography has been derived from the French term ‘Tasseo’ which means cup and the Greek words graph, “logy” and “mancy” which means divination. There are large numbers of specific images which point out to certain important issues in a person’s life.


How do our Coffee/Tea Cup Email Readings work?

How To Read from a Cup: Coffee or Tea

1. Choose any cup of tea loose tea leaves or grind coffee. Select a tea or coffee that has character in terms of texture, flavor, or history. A white china cup with no inside pattern or decoration, would be best for this. The exception to this is a cup which is made expressively for tasseomancy. But it’s not necessary, any cup will do.

2. Sip and enjoy your cup to the fullest, leaving only a small amount of liquid. Consider your question mentally. Ask simply for spiritual guidance. Holding the cup in your left hand and the handle right in front of you, swirl the liquid three times clockwise, sweeping the leaves/coffee grounds up to the rim of the cup without spilling it.

3. Invert the cup into the saucer, holding it for a count of seven and letting the liquid drain away. Turn the cup right side up. Empty your mind of all concerns. Relax and start to observe the cup. At this point you can take a picture of the inside of the cup, either on your mobile/cell phone or camera. Follow the steps below 1 -3, where your photo and details will be sent onto us at Psychic Dilemma.


Total Understanding Comes From Our Expert Psychics!

Get your Coffee/Tea Cup Reading in just 3 easy steps…

1. Choose your payment method: Our secure Merchant Banking means that your details are kept secure. Choose if you would like to pay by Credit Card or PayPal. If you choose to pay by Credit Card, ring our office on 1300 795 140 for payment.

2. After payment with your Credit Card, we will give you a link to a page to fill out your information, and a picture of your Tea or Coffee cup. This info is sent to us and your email reading will be sent out to you within 24/48 hours.

3. If you choose to pay through Paypal, after payment you will be directed to a page to fill out your details and the picture of the inside of your Tea or Coffee Cup.…..Those details are sent onto us at Psychic Dilemma and your Tea/Coffee Cup reading will be sent out to you within 24/48 hours. Our International clients outside of Australia, can pay through Paypal as it’s a lot easier for you.

Purchase an Online Coffee/Tea Cup Reading by E-mail


Step 1: Select your Payment Method – Paypal

In-Depth Coffee/Tea Cup Reading ($59.99)

  • NEW! This reading will analyse and interpret your Coffee or Tea Cup in 750 words (approx 1-1+1/2 pages)
  • The symbols in the cup will let you know what are the important issues in your life.

  • You’ll discover exactly what you need to do to change it or make it better


Step 2. Choose a Payment Method – Credit Card via our Office

If you prefer to book a Coffee/Tea Cup Reading Email via our office, call 1300 795 140 where our Office Manager will process your credit card for your reading. 

After your details are confirmed, you will be directed to a link to fill out your details and upload your photo. Follow the prompts, hit submit, and within 24 – 48 hours your Coffee/Tea Cup Reading Email is sent on to you.

Step 3. Your Personal Details

If you choose to pay via Paypal click on the ‘Buy It Now’ button, and after payment you will be immediately redirected to a page where you can upload your photo and leave your details. 

If you have paid using your credit card at the Office on 1300 795 140 with us details will be given to you.