Hi I’m Rebecca and I have had my gifts since I was a very young child. Over the years have learned how to enhance what was given to me to be able to help those in need, which I pride above all else.

My main gifts include

  • Psychic
  • Clairsentient
  • Dreamology which is interpreting your Dreams so you can make sense of them
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Numerology
  • Tea/Coffee Cup Readings
  • Star Signs which involves telling you a bit about you
  • Email Readings including all areas in Love, Relationship/Soulmate Readings

Mainly I do Email Readings and can answer the questions that you might have and I can help you to discover the answers that you might be searching for.

My main gifts are Clairsentience which allows me to help you on a much higher level to tune into what might be playing on your mind the most; also, dream interpretation and numerology are other abilities I can help you with.

These gifts combined allow me to help you on many levels to unlock those hidden answers you are looking for, to help bring some clarity and understanding to whatever situation you might be going through, whether it is love, work or just looking for some general guidance to help you on your right path.

For your Email Readings with me, just click on the Email Readings link and after payment, and filling in your details/questions you can connect instantly with me.


Just wanted to send a huge thanks to Psychic Rebecca, her abilities are just out of this world!! She is a compassionate yet honest reader that will answer your questions with accuracy and so much detail. She is such a lovely and softly spoken person and I look forward to communicating with her in the near future.

Paula M Vic

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading it was so nice and reassuring.

I’ll defiantly keep in touch Rebecca

Thanks again

Leah B Qld

Via Email…

Hi Jenni, just wanted to let you know that I had a fabulous and very informative email reading from Rebecca but as with any email reading, it plays havoc with your thoughts and before you know it more questions arise so I have followed my email reading up with a phone reading from Rebecca for her to elaborate further, which she did. I’m just going to sit back now and let time take care of the situation and I look forward to experiencing the outcome Rebecca felt would take place. Thanks heaps Rebecca. I’ll be contacting you again mid next year to hopefully confirm everything (and have another reading of course…).

Michelle (Vic)

Thank you, Rebecca, I have just read my reading. You were spot on about being free now to move forward and put myself first.

SD (Perth Aus)

Will be lovely to meet this man soon especially the writing connection that would be wonderful to have my passion as a shared interest. Also, very happy that my beautiful Marlee dog is fine.

Cheers and love and light,

M M South Australia

Hi, I had an email reading with Rebecca. Rebecca is truly gifted and a genuine and gentle person. If you are looking for an accurate reading Rebecca is the ideal psychic to contact. I urge you to give her a try she is fantastic and most accurate. Thanks for your time in helping me Rebecca with a tough long waiting game in my life. I will be back.

Love and light Denise

Hi, my experience with your email was one of surprise at how accurately you described my current situation. Many thanks for your help in confirming what I had already expected to be the case. Your reading was so accurate it amazed me.

BS Sydney Australia

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