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How spell magic works?

The true definition of a spell is the movement of positive energies, to bring about positive change for the good of all. For spell magic to work, we need to align fully with this positive energy. The ability to create a change in luck and fortune lies in the hands of the creator, and that creator is you!

Spell magic must always be performed from the highest integrity. We have the power to change our own destiny, through aligning our thoughts with positive energy and acting with pure intent. We cannot manipulate and control the will of others; therefore casting a spell with a specific individual in mind only limits our ability to create the many other possibilities available to us, but more importantly, sabotages our success.Universal energy works to create the highest and best outcome!

You must always trust this and allow the magic to unfold in divine timing. Attachment to outcomes and timings is the egos way of trying to control things and will only block the very fortune you seek. Casting a spell and then practicing the art of detachment is the winning formula to success. It takes total surrender and trust for the magic to unfold.


Our Spell Box

Magical Intention for Love 
To attract an intimate partnership, to renew and strengthen the bonds of love, to create balance and harmony within an existing relationship, to take love to a new level, to attain the loving relationship you desire.

Coming Soon…

Magical Intention for Career 
To excel in your chosen career, to attain a promotion, to manifest a career change, to balance and harmonise the work environment, to create fulfillment and job satisfaction.

Magical Intention for Prosperity 
To create more abundance in your life, to receive a financial windfall, to have financial freedom, to manifest a material possession, to feel financially secure.

Magical Intention for Health & Well being 
To restore good health, to feel revitalized and energetic about life, to have the motivation and passion to achieve goals, to feel good about life in general, to nurture, respect and honour the mind, body & soul.


How to order a magical spell?

After payment you will be directed to an information page were you will be required to fill out your details. It is here that you can select the type of spell you wish to purchase. Once this process is finalized, your spell will be delivered to your inbox with 24 – 48 hours.

Our spells are unique and based on an exchange of energy, therefore the potency of the spell will only be effective for the person purchasing it. This pure desire mixed with the magical knowledge provided is what creates the manifestation of the dream.


Get your Magical Spell by Email in just 3 easy steps…

1. Choose your payment method: Our secure Merchant Banking means that your details are kept secure. Choose if you would like to pay by Credit Card or PayPal. If you choose to pay by Credit Card, ring our office on 1300 795 140 for payment. After payment with your Credit Card, we will give you a link to a page to fill out your information. This information is sent to us and your Magical Spell will be sent out to you within 24/48 hours.

2. If you choose to pay through PayPal, after payment you will be directed to a page to fill out your information. Those details are sent onto us at Psychic Dilemma. Our International clients outside of Australia can pay through PayPal as it’s a lot easier for you.

3. After payment either through the office or PayPal you will be directed to a page to fill out your information and that will be sent onto us at Psychic Dilemma. Your Magical Spell will be sent out to you within 24/48 hours.


Purchase an Online Magical Spell by E-mail

Step 1: Choose a Magical Spell

Magical Spell by E-mail ($69.99)

  • NEW! These spells give you the everyday ingredients and tools you need to cast your own magic. All you need is an open mind, curiosity, and a belief in yourself that your magical powers will work

  • Simply discover what you need to mix these ingredients, add a touch of serendipity and create your own bewitching masterpiece

  • Choose the spell of your choice and fill out the details


Step 2. Choose a Payment Method:PayPal OR Office

If you want to order a Magical Spell using PayPal click one the button above and follow the prompts. Or book via our office on 1300 795 140 where our Office Manager will process your credit card for your email reading.

Step 3. Your Personal Details:

If you have paid using PayPal you will be immediately redirected to a page where you can fill out your information. If you have paid using your credit card at the Office on 1300 795 140 with us details will be given to you.