Our Psychic Testimonials … ‘Why so many people love our psychics and tarot readers that are available at Psychic Dilemma’…
For those of you who have written a testimonial, my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your time and loving support.


Hi Jenni, thanks for your reading, thought I would give you a bit of feedback regarding Larry. You were right, he didn’t come to Melbourne like you said, he told me that he was detained at the airport at KL Malaysia with Interpol holding on to his passport. This was a lie, he is a scammer like you said and although it cost me thousands of $’s that I had previously sent to him, you stopped me sending more to him which I appreciated. I contacted the police on your advice and they are now looking into it for me. I might not get all my money back from him, but at least I have peace of mind now, knowing that he won’t be ripping me of again. Thanks for all your help and I will keep you posted with what’s happening with me.

Melanie, Doncaster, Melbourne


Jenni was very insightful and accurate and I will be calling her again.

Sally , Richmond, Melbourne.


Jenni is a fantastic reader. She accurately pinpoints where you’re at and where you’re heading. She’s direct and to the point. She provides clarity where there is indecision; she has set me on the right path.

Jillian, Brentwood, California, USA


I want to share a very personal story with every one that follows this beautiful web site Psychic Dilemma. Before I ever had a psychic reading with this incredible woman, I always took from the wealth of knowledge within her website. Her newsletters are informative and interesting, and so are her articles on various topics…. truly amazing. Take the time to navigate all of the content! Read the articles they are very true and insightful….After speaking with her it has changed my life on many levels. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally-for those that haven’t considered the power of affirmations, and feng shui be open it is effective & profound!  My business has been blessed as a result. She is absolutely amazing.

Rochelle,  Melbourne, Victoria


Thank you so much for your reading. I was really impressed with what you ‘knew’ about me and really thrilled with how ‘spot on’ you were. Thanks again.

Simone,  Adelaide


Dear Jenni, A quick note to say I heard you on your radio show at A1R psychic radio. You enthralled me with the rapidity, fluidity and spot-on accuracy of your psychic readings . You created within me that uncommon but magical awareness of knowing truth and sense of reality that is sometimes difficult to find in the realms of the metaphysical and gifted ‘sensitive’s’. You opened a door and created a type of intellectual curiosity that I found exciting, provocative and profound. You stimulated with me a similar sense of wonder and understanding and I found myself scouring my hands for information. You were inspiring and generated to the listener a sense of personal integrity, professionalism and honesty to your gift. I would like to thank you for sharing  your insights with the world.

Steve McCurry, Rochester NY


I came upon your website (www.psychicdilemma.com) during my travels on the internet. My compliments to you on a site well done. I wish you great success. I too am a psychic/metaphysical practitioner in California. You radio shows are always great to listen into and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you one day on the airwaves. I enjoyed chatting to you via your chat rooms, made it easy for me to connect with you, from across the other side of the world. May all your days be happy.

Justine Hunt, California


Recently, I had a reading with Jenni, who I have been listening to on the A1R radio Network weekly. I have no doubt she is ‘the real thing’, and I believe what she sees for the weeks and months ahead for me. If you are looking for a ‘real, down to earth psychic’, look no further. I will be ringing Jenni back in the future.

Sharon Kelly CA – USA


Thank-you Jenni, I am so very happy to tell you that my life journey has found a destination that is working for me. I can say it was a Spiritual Journey that a psychic showed me how to complete. You showed me the doorway to my Spirit Guide’s who are now advising me about your wisdom of how to find my Truth about how I should relate to the person that I love. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

Lisa Marie Winston, Sydney, NSW.


I really wanted this promotion at work and every other time, others were given new jobs but not me. I rang Jenni out of sheer frustration, and wanting answers.  She showed me that I was being affected by what was going on in my personal life and gave me tools I could use to my advantage. Surprise, surprise I got the promotion. I cannot thank her enough and I will recommend her to others.
Helen  Texas  USA


My life in general was going nowhere. No matter what I did nothing was going right for me whereas members of my family, success came very easily to them. When I spoke to Jenni she seemed to understood straight away what was going on. With her psychic gift she guided me towards my true life destiny and today I have a loving husband and we are now in the process of building our first home. I give thanks every day for Jenni help to fulfill my dreams.

Kym R – Broome, W.A.


I first spoke to Jenni back in 2011 about my new business venture as a artist. Over the months her Psychic insight helped me to build up my business by making the right choices. Her Spiritual Guides showed me the right places to find the clientele to build up my business. I am now looking to expand my successful business interstate, and who knows even o/seas!!

Amanda Kerr Brisbane Aus


Jenni is an outstanding reader who delivers her information in a kind and compassionate way.

Amy Pittsburg, Pennsylvania USA


Hi Jenni, I am a friend and contemporary of Rosalind Sansbury and I listened to your program with Rosalind on air radio today which was late night for your program! I was so moved by the easy flow of conversation and information between you and Rosalind and so inspired by the gifts of comfort and clarity you both offered your callers. You both gave so generously and insightfully, it was an honour to be tuned in all the way across the globe!

I am also a Theta Healing Teacher and Practitioner, Meditation Group Facilitator, Intuitive Card Reader as well as a Writer, Director, Drama Tutor, Actor, Health & Well being Educator and Child Advocate. I felt compelled to follow up with you during your show and that was affirmed once I spoke with Rosalind as she came off air and shared how lovely and supportive you were.

Trish Herreen

PS Here’s to sharing our divine gifts across the globe! xxx


Jenni you have been my saviour. You have helped me get through some of the most difficult times in my life and now I have a better understanding why things happen, be it the good, bad or the ugly. I was searching for answers and I found you. I thank my lucky stars everyday. You are my saviour and my friend. Thank you always.

Jackie Black Perth Aus


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and how grateful I have been with all of your accurate readings; I like and feel most comfortable with your guide’s direct and honest answers to my questions with such quick, clear, clarity. Many thanks once again.

Jackson Vector NC USA


Having been to a number of readers, both clairvoyant and tarot, over the years I believe that Psychic Dilemma psychics are real and truthful, and shed pure, personal, insightful information with total honesty. They see where you are and then highlight the opportunities within reach. They leave you with not only direction but choice, a greater knowledge and understanding with which to move forward. It is not a dictatorial fix more the perfect road map from which you as driver may chose your route. Love these guys!

Angela G Sydney Aus


Hello Jenni

I have spoken with your receptionist Irene  a couple off times now and I would like to say, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with her.

Seldom do we have such  caring, well mannered beautiful souls in customer service…. I like to give acknowledgement where it is well deserved. This lady is doing one amazing job….

Kind Regards

L. P. Melbourne Australia


To Jenni (via email)
I love radio…get to listen to what I want to!
I truly mean it I loved your radio show!! Hope we can keep in touch!
I will listen!!
your newest fan
Jane Ontario Canada


Love, Love, Love receiving readings from Jenni and her team of psychics! Her readings come from her heart. She has helped me spiritually to find my worth in life, when I was so deeply depressed after being laid off from work and having a very difficult time finding employment during this difficult economy. She is wonderful…

Megan, Richmond, VA

Hello, Jenni! I just finished listening to a1rpsychicradio on your website https://www.psychicdilemma.com/radio-shows/  and you are AMAZING!!! I just have one question…I just graduated from Pharmacy School, but am unfortunately having a hard time passing my Boards Examination.  Do you see it in my forseeable future?  Thank you SOOOO much!!!

Margo A. USA


You just gave me a reading on your show and you NAILED IT! I promise to keep you posted. Thank you for your energy!!!


Email from a Happy Client
Hi Jenni,
I hope you are well .
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased and amazed I am with the reading i received from Anthia on Friday .
Not only was the background information accurate but the advice i was given from Anthia , i tried while on the phone to her and the response i received within minutes was exactly what Anthia said .
I am amazed and extremely happy .
Thank you
Celeste Brisbane Aus


And another Email from a Happy Client in NZ

Hi Jenni,

I would like to thank You, Samantha and James for a brilliant reading!

Its always an incredible experience to receive information from different angles that helps to build a bigger perspective on my situation with my love interest. Yes time-frames were different, both yourself and James have said contact will be made by him within late Jan early Feb whereas Samantha sees it around May.

That being said the information has been accurate and well worth the call. As you probably wouldn’t remember me, I was the client who at one time around mid last year made something like 100 calls in a day speaking to every available operator and your last words to me was “Now stop calling so much otherwise you’ll rack up a huge bill” I appreciate your honesty a lot thank you.

I look forward to speaking with James again, please apologize to him for me once again, I didn’t cut him off but as we was speaking I had visitors arrive.
Next time I speak with him Id like to be available and in a quiet area so all my energy is focused on his reading. Its been one hell of a journey. When you don’t have friends or family to speak with about something that is eating you alive and that makes me turn to an intuitive it can be incredibly difficult especially knowing there are a handful of con artists out there!

Thank you very much psychic dilemma you guys are fantastic!

Kind regards

Aleni NZ